Terms and Conditions

Collection Statement:

  •  BingoPlus collects your personal information for the purposes directly related to its functions or activities. Your personal information will be dealt with in accordance with the applicable provisions of the Data Privacy Act of the Philippines and the BingoPlus Membership Card Terms and Conditions relating to privacy.
  •  The member hereby acknowledges and agrees to be bound by, and undertakes to comply with, the house rules, regulations, and policies issued by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation concerning the operation and management of this establishment.

Data Privacy Policy:

1. In the ordinary course of business, BingoPlus collects personal information through this BingoPlus membership form. BingoPlus will use the data to facilitate the transaction, administer your account and be more efficient in providing you with products and services.

2. The Member, by enrolling in the Program, agrees that BingoPlus can send SMS, e-mail, social media invite and updates or other communication materials including, but not limited to administrative announcements, projects, campaigns, or promotional materials about the BingoPlus Membership Program to the member.

3. BingoPlus shall keep the Member’s information strictly confidential and will not be sold, shared to subsidiaries or made available to the public, except when authorized by and in accordance with Philippine law or any valid order of the court or government agencies.

4. BingoPlus applies strict security measures and uses automated systems to make sure your personal data are kept confidential. Our employees are trained to handle your personal data and we have internal controls to avoid security breach.

5. BingoPlus Membership and this Data Privacy Policy are governed by the laws of the Republic of the Philippines without regard to the place of residence of the Member, the place of access, the place of disclosure of the information, or the place of enrollment. For all intents and purposes, the location of all Membership information shall be the Philippines.

6. Each BingoPlus Member hereby acknowledges and agrees that receipt of any personal information from the Member shall be considered fully received only once the same is processed and stored at the BingoPlus located in the Philippines until membership is terminated in case of violation of rules, regulations, and policies.


  •  BingoPlus Membership is open to qualified individuals 21 years old and above.
  • . Government and gaming site employees or any of its agencies, vendors, contractors and their immediate relatives are not eligible to be a member.
  • Applicants must present an original and valid government-issued photo identification document and complete an application form to register. A photo of the applicant shall be taken upon registration.
  • It is the responsibility of the member to inform BingoPlus of any change on his/her contact details.
  • The membership card, bonus points, benefits and rewards are for the sole and exclusive use of the card owner and it is non-transferrable.
  • BingoPlus has the right to deny application or terminate the membership of any individual who violates the terms and conditions of the membership or provides false or inaccurate information during the membership registration.